Ludovic Boney : Mémoires ennoyées

28 May - 25 June 2022

Ludovic Boney is a sculptor from Wendake, Quebec. Coming from Indigenous culture, he tells it and makes it shine through his practice. Recognized for his public artworks, the artist is inspired by the places where they will be implanted, so that they integrate as harmoniously as possible, by means of idiosyncratic aesthetic references.

The artist's most recent series, Mémoires ennoyées, is a touching tribute to the past of the ancestral territory of Pessamit, which was flooded thirteen years after the construction of the Daniel-Johnson dam. Using an echo sounder, the artist was able to capture images of what the shoreline once looked like. The trees are beautifully preserved," explains the artist, "and the images returned by the probe reveal ghostly forests, still standing, with the heads of the great black spruce trees swaying in the currents, as they would in the wind. The images of Mémoires ennoyées are the testimony of a past world, sunken, but which refuses to disappear. They are the sleeping memories and illusions of the ancients, patiently waiting to be reborn when the time of men is over."