Michaëlle Sergile is an artist and curator working mainly on texts and books from the postcolonial period from 1950 to the present. Her artistic work aims to understand and rewrite the history of Black communities, and more specifically of women, through weaving. Often perceived as a medium of craftsmanship and categorized as feminine, the artist uses the lexicon of weaving to question the relationships of gender and race.

She has exhibited at the ArtHelix gallery in New York, at the Miami Art Fair and has participated in several group exhibitions in Montreal including Place des Arts, Art Mûr gallery and the Conseil des Arts de Montréal. She has also received several prizes and scholarships during her academic career, including a grant from the Fonds de recherche Société et Culture du Québec (FRQSC).

She is currently project manager and curator for the Nigra Iuventa platform where she co-curated the exhibition ​Subalternes created by and for black women in Quebec, as well as the exhibition ​Je sais pourquoi chante l'oiseau en cage at the Darling Foundry, the Centre culturel Georges-Vanier and the CDEx last February.