January 23 - March 7
Ed Pien



January 31 - February 28
Kent Monkman



January 24, February 7, February 21, March 7
Ed Pien: Open Studio



(updated: 20/02/14)

Beijing (China)
Ed Pien in "Transformation of Canadian Landscape Art: Inside and Outside of Being" at Today Art Museum until 8 March 2015

Calgary (AB)
Ed Pien and Kent Monkman in "Oh Canada" at the Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary until 26 April

Hamilton (ON)
Kent Monkman in "This Is Me, This Is Also Me" at McMaster Museum of Art until 21 March

London (ON)
Ed Pien in "Nature’s Handmade" at Museum London until 5 April

Mexico DF
Jérôme Fortin in"La Estampa entre la Diversidad y Hibridación, Arte Contemporáneo Quebec, Canada" at Museo nacional de la Estampa until 8 March

Montreal (QC)
Maskull Lasserre, "Pendulum" solo exhibition at McClure Gallery, 6 - 28 March
Jérôme Fortin in "Peut mieux faire - Cahiers d'exercices" at Maison de la culture de Côte-des-Neiges, until 22 February
Chih-Chien Wang, photographs presented in the permanent galleries of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Kent Monkman, the painting "Welcome to the Studio" on view in the permanent collection galleries of the McCord Museum
The drawing "Birthing Scene" by Suvenai Ashoona installed in the galleries of the Bourgie Wing of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Ottawa (ON)
Ed Pien in "Shine a Light: Canadian Biennal 2014" at the National Gallery of Canada until 8 March
Adad Hannah in "Clocks for Seeing: Photography, Time and Motion" at the National Gallery of Canada until 3 May

Paris (France)
Adad Hannah and Denys Arcand, "Les Bourgeois de Vancouver", at the Centre culturel canadien à Paris in partnership with Musée Rodin, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal and the Toronto International Film Festival until16 May

Prince George (BC)
Adad Hannah in "Elapsed" at the Two Rivers Gallery until 26 April.

Quebec (QC)
Roberto Pellegrinuzzi and Chih-Chien Wang in "Incarnations - Photographs from the MNBAQ collection from 1990 to Today" at the Musée des beaux-arts du Québec until 10 May

Rochechouart (France)
Kent Monkman "Le Théâtre de Cristal" in La vie de chateau as of May

Toronto (ON)
Kent Monkman "Casualties of Modernity", BMO Project Room until15 November

Val-de-Marne (Paris)
Kent Monkman in "Chercher le garçon" at the Musée d'art contemporain du Val-de-Marne, 7 March - 30 August

Kent Monkman "Urban Res Studies" at Robert Langen Gallery of the University of Waterloo, 4 March - 11 April

Winnipeg (MB)
Adad Hannah's Raft of the Medusa (100 Mile House) 4 on display in the permanent collection galleries at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

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